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How It Works

The Lookout Driving Safety System continuously views the road in front of the truck, capturing videos and generating warnings for dangerous driving situations.

Lookout automatically sorts out high risk events and emails summary reports to fleet managers.


Senior Managers
  • Visibility into the fleet's driving performance risk
  • Metrics to evaluate safety program results and control costs
Safety and Compliance Managers
  • Identify and correct unsafe driving habits
  • Warnings alert drivers to imminent danger
  • Evidence when not at fault

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Introduction To Lookout

Driving the Northern Routes

Key Features of the Lookout Driving Safety System
The Lookout Experience

Whether behind the wheel or behind the desk, Lookout provides an exceptional customer experience.

For drivers:
  • Small, unobtrusive hardware components won't get in the way.
  • Virtual rumble strips - on both sides - help maintain good lane-keeping.
  • One button push suspends the system - useful in construction zones.
  • One button push captures video on demand.
  • No driver intervention required: the system takes care of itself.

For safety officers and managers:
  • A clean, intuitive user interface using your preferred browser - no desktop software to install.
  • Concise reports and statistical analyses.
  • Reports delivered to your email inbox, or custom reports generated by you on the fly.
  • No waiting for results: reports are available as soon as the Lookout system offloads its data.
Telemetry with Lookout GPS

With Lookout GPS, Safety Managers can instantly map all of their driver induced risk incidents and play the incident video right from the map.

Our easy to use mapping function and simple legend gives you the visibility, data and road details to provide you with a deeper understanding of your driver's driving habits and behaviours. Look for risk patterns as they correspond to road type and driving speeds. Use this information to better coach and train your drivers according to their unique driving habits and routes.

Utilize the breadcrumb tracking to ensure that your driver stuck to the route and did not deviate to other roadways.
Collaborative Notes

Unleash the power of Lookout notes to better share and work with your Lookout Manager risk metrics and videos.

Let's face it, with multiple terminals, teams of Safety Managers and Trainers and potentially many hundreds of drivers, tools that make you more efficient and effective are valuable to the team and the bottom line.

Our Lookout notes capability lets you seamlessly share thoughts, observations, training notes and follow-up with your peers, drivers and Senior Management.
Overspeed Video Capture

Speeding can have two effects on a truck and a fleet. It will earn you tickets and violations and it will play havoc with your eco-friendly and fuel economy plans. Bottom line: speeding costs money.

Lookout takes your custom speed parameters and builds in video and data capture to show when those fleet speed limits are surpassed. Even more, you can view the video of the speeding incident, understand the road topography and gather cumulative data of the total distance driven at overspeed levels.

Coach and train your drivers with the power of the videos and put money back into the company pocket.

Lookout Can Help you Green your Fleet

The trucking industry has taken a front seat towards becoming a good corporate steward of the environment. Viewnyx has the tools that you need to drive that eco/green program home.

Idling reports - we track idling time so that you can train your drivers on how to do their part.

Overspeeding - every drop of non renewable resources is valuable, especially with high fuel costs, lower revenues and a tough economy. We keep your Safety team up to date on how your drivers are managing their speeds.

Maintenance Reports - we provide you with a complete reporting system to accurately track servicing schedules. Well serviced vehicles save money in the long run and are easier on the environment.
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