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Lookout LTX: Your Eyes on the Road

Always On. Never Drowsy. Never Distracted.

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"The three most important targets in a risk-based approach to driver-oriented interventions should be fatigue, distraction and high-risk driving."
"Addressing Human Factors in the Motor Carrier Industry in Canada" - Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA), 2011

More than a dashcam. More than just videos.

For drivers:
  • Lane keeping assist with lane departure alerts
  • Speed awareness with speeding alerts
  • Video capture panic button
  • Video evidence when not at fault
Lookout LTX Video

For fleet managers:
  • Monitor fleet performance: idling, mileage, fuel consumption
  • Reduce costs due to risky behaviours
  • Keep track of vehicle health and maintenance scheduling
For safety officers:
  • Identify risky behaviours: speeding, aggression, drowsy/distracted driving
  • Accident reconstruction with event timelines and maps
  • Data analytics - monitor trends, improve performance
  • Facilitate fleet-wide training and one-on-one coaching
  • Data and videos at your fingertips: no SD cards, no email requests

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Fleet Training - One-on-one Coaching - Accident Reconstruction
Speed reporting lets you detect and clamp down on speeding before it leads to tickets or worse.
The optional inward-facing camera gives you more insight into why an incident happened.
When a collision happens, see exactly what happened and who was at fault.
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What Our Customers Say
I find that the camera keeps you alert and it's a lot safer and a better way to drive.
- R.A., Driver, 40 years' experience
What I saw with Lookout was a way to improve driver retention. Hiring drivers is expensive; we don't want to let anyone go if we don't have to. Lookout helps us see what is happening on the road so we know when drivers need help and now we can do something about it before they get themselves into trouble.
- R.M., Fleet Owner
We used Lookout to evaluate a new driver. Videos from his first drive showed some serious problems. I worked with the driver using his Lookout videos to talk about his specific habits. The results were amazing. He fixed his problems and they stayed fixed.
- S.T., Safety & Compliance Manager