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Speeding costs: fuel consumption, tickets, insurance. Slow it down with Lookout LTX.
Lookout Speed Monitor will show you when your drivers are exceeding regional speed limits, with video evidence to support it.
In this video, the driver is passing cars on the inside while driving 40kph over the speed limit.
Lookout Speed Monitor detects a driver passing at 122kph in a 90kph speed zone.
Letting a truck run away down hills can be a dangerous temptation. This driver reaches 89mph/143kph.
Speeding is always an issue: why is the towing company doing 84mph/135kph with your truck?
Excessive speed and aggressive driving are a high risk mix.
Risky behaviours can be addressed before they cause an accident - if you have the insight of Lookout analytics.
Failure to pay attention can lead to late braking.
Going too fast around corners can be a roll-over risk and can also lead to shifted and damaged loads.
In this video, Lookout captured a last-minute decision to change lane.
Frequent drifting out of lane, particularly at night, can be a sign of fatigue.
A driver who is not paying attention has to brake hard and swerve to avoid an accident.
Excessive speed on a highway on-ramp can create a roll-over risk.
A near-miss when a driver failed to stop at a red light.
Collisions happen - drill down into the incident with Lookout videos and reports.
Quick reaction by the truck driver avoided a potential head-on collision.
Driving too close and failure to pay attention caused a rear-end collision when the car ahead slowed unexpectedly.
When an incident happens, video evidence can help to show exactly what happened and who was at fault.
Failure to secure the hood could have caused a nasty incident here.
Distracted driving while using a cell phone caused this collision with a parked vehicle.
Poor lane keeping can lead to collisions.
Inward-facing cameras can give you additional insight into incidents and behaviours.
A driver is distracted looking for something in cab.
Using a cell phone is both dangerous and illegal.
Pouring a cup of coffee causes a lapse in attention.